The department of Agronomy is entrusted with the responsibility of imparting instructions in the discipline of Agronomy. Accordingly the teaching programme is followed as per the collegiate programme of the university. Besides, the department is also responsible for conduct of research in the discipline of Agronomy on various crops and important technologies. The research programme is carried out as per the approved technical programme from Head Department of Agronomy, P.D.K.V. Akola.

Important Activities

A. Teaching

a) Impart the latest knowledge in the field of agriculture to the students.
b) Give the practical oriented knowledge to the undergraduate students for developing self-confidence under experiential learning and RAWE programme.
c) Give the latest knowledge to the student for starting agro-based business or profession leading to self-employment.
d) Started Computer and Soil and plant analysis laboratories for PG students.
e) Arrange teaching programme through LCD projector

B. Research

1) Need based and location specific on research various facets of agriculture with following objectives.
2) Conducted research activities related to the field of agriculture of this region.
3) To undertake the need based oriented research, problem solving and location specific research.
4) Solve the needs and problems of the rural community.
5) Developed suitable cultivars of different crops for the region.


Sr. No.Course No.Course titleCredits
1AGRO -112Agricultural Meteorology(1+1=2)
2AGRO -124Water Management Including Micro Irrigation(2+1=3)
3AGRO – 359Weed Management(1+1=2)
4AGRO- 3610Farming Systems and Sustainable Agriculture(1+1=2)
5AGRO- 3611Organic and Rainfed farming(1+1=2)


Name of FacultyShri. A. S. Bayaskar
Mobile No.9623813961
DesignationAssistant Professor of Agronomy
Qualification (only higher qualification )M.Sc. (Agronomy)

Name of FacultyShri. G. B. Raut
Mobile No.9764201213
Designation Assistant Professor of Agronomy
Qualification (only higher qualification )M.Sc. (Agromet)