Horticulture Section started functioning as a division in College of Agriculture, Darwha in 2003. The section imparts adequate training to students in the methods of production technology of fruits, vegetables, and ornamental crops, nursery management of horticultural crops, and fruit and vegetable preservation. For this purpose, a teaching garden of 33.48 ha is attached to this section.

Important Activities

  • Teaching
  • Research


Different scientists of this department through different ways undertook the transfer of advanced technology in the field of horticultural crops.

  1. Taking visits of farmers, students and staff members visiting the horticulture section and guiding them on various aspects.
  2. Through attending farmers’ rallies, training programmes organized by Agriculture Departments and other Government Institutes.
  3. Published Nine Marathi Bulletins on Production Technology of Mango, Banana, Aonla, Pomegranate, Custard apple, Papaya, Fig, Kagzi Lime and Sweet Orange and 277 Marathi popular articles in different Marathi leading Newspapers and Monthly Agricultural Magazines.
  4. Extension work through Radio and TV Programmes.
  5. Attended and guided several farmers about Improved Production Technology of different fruit crops, vegetable crops and flower crops through farmer’s rallies.
  6. Attended Monthly District Workshops, farmers training classes as well as officer training classes to deliver the lectures through presentation on various aspects related to horticultural crops organized by KVK, NGO, State Agriculture Department from time to time.


Semester wise breakup of Horticultural courses (new) offered in B. Sc. (Agri.) Hons. as per Vth Deans Committee Report

Sr. No.SemisterCourse No.CreditsCourse title
1IHORT-1112 (1+1)Fundamentals of Horticulture
2IIIHORT-2322 (1+1)Production Technology for Vegetables and Spices
3IVHORT-2432 (1+1)Production Technology for Fruit and Plantation Crops
4VHORT-3542 (1+1)Production Technology for ornamental Crops, MAP and Landscaping
5VELE HORT-3553 (2+1)Protected cultivation of horticultural crops
6VIHORT-3662 (1+1)Post-harvest Management and Value Addition of Fruits and Vegetables
7VIELE HORT-3673 (2+1)Landscaping
8VIELE HORT 3683 (2+1)Hi-tech Horticulture
9VIIIELM HORT 48910 (0+10)Commercial Horticulture
10VIIIELM HORT 481010 (0+10)Floriculture and Landscape Gardening
11VIIIELM HORT 481110 (0+10)Nursery Management of Horticultural Crops
12VIIIELM HORT 481210 (0+10)Commercial Vegetable Production
13VIIIELM HORT 481310 (0+10)Protected Cultivation of Flowers and Vegetables
13VIIIELM HORT 481410 (0+10)Post-harvest Management and Value Additions of Horticultural Crops

B) Odd Semester
Sr. No.Course No.Course titleCredits
1MATH-111 (New)Elementary Mathematics (Remedial Course)1+1=2
2COMP- 231 (New)Agri-informatics (Common course)1+1=2
3ENGG-232 (New)Farm Machinery & Power1+1=2
4ENGG-475 (New)RAWE-AG-ENGG0+1=1
5RAWE (New)Programme Officer (PO) 
6ENGG-232 (Old)Introduction to Computer Application1+1=2
7ENGG-353 (Old)Farm Power & Machinery1+1=2


Name of Faculty
Mobile No.
Email ID
DesignationAssistant Professor of Horticulture

Infrastructure Facilities And Development Of Teaching Aids

  1. Prepared photo laminations (225 No.) of improved varieties of fruit, vegetables & flowers, medicinal, aromatic and plantation crops and displayed in laboratories of section for easy understanding of students.
  2. Prepared 5 digital laminated blow up boards of different leading varieties of horticultural crops.
  3. Prepared four glass door showcases for display of fruit and vegetable models & two notice boards.
  4. Developed Seminar hall with furniture and all advanced teaching aids for PG programme including Interactive Classroom Solutions and K-Yan computers.
  5. Upgraded state of art facilities of different audio-video aids i.e. OHP, Computer with printer and scanner for LCD presentation during the lecture and practical classes in students’ academy.
  6. Prepared practical manuals for all eight subjects of horticulture discipline by adding advanced information in the text.
  7. Renovated and upgraded post graduate laboratory with advanced equipments and teaching aids.
  8. Purchased various advanced equipments/machinery required in Post Harvest Technology Laboratory in Horticulture Section, College of Agriculture, Dhule.